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Short Cut - $60

    A haircut that lives above the ears. Examples are pixie cuts and barber cuts.


Standard Cut - $85

    A haircut that falls between the ears and a couple of inches below the shoulder. Examples are bobs, shags, long layers, curly cut. 


Long or Dense Cut - $105

    A haircut on a client who's hair is past the shoulder blades or very thick (you know who you are). 

Tight Curly Haircut - $150

    A haircut for a tight curly hair client. Includes treatments and styling.


All Color services are booked hourly at $100 per hour.

      There are a million and one variables when it comes to booking correctly so if you feel confused at all please reach out or book a consultation. I am more than happy to help. I especially recommend a consult for dramatic changes. If you want your haircut please also book a haircut. 

1 Hour

       This time period is good for grey coverage or all over shade *when booked with a haircut* or a gloss and blowout.


2 Hours

      This time period is good for partial highlights, bleach and tone retouch (within 6 weeks of original appointment), multiple fantasy shades over pre-lightened hair.

3 Hours

     This time period is good for full highlights, bleach and tone (new or past 6 weeks), some new fantasy colors. Best for fine to medium hair or short hair (fantasy).

4 Hours

    This time period is good for heavy transformative blonding, bleach and tone (new or past 6 weeks), new fantasy colors. Best for medium to thick hair.

5 Hours

    This time period is good for silvers, pastels, dramatic changes, full rainbows on medium to thick hair.

6 Hours

    This time period is good if you have hella hair and want a big transformation. 




Fairy Hair 

    Super fine glittery silk strands from Lucky Locks tied to just one hair strand that can be treated exactly like your hair and drop out as your hair sheds. They are an awesome way to add some very low commitment flair.

A glimmer: $15

     5 strands to create a subtle pop around the face.

A sparkle: $30

     10-15 strands to glitter all the way around the head.

A glitter: $45

     20-25 strands to glitter all over.

A glam: $60

     30-35 strands to be very sparkly.

A diamond: $75

     40-45 strands to shine like a diamond good for thicker hair. 

Fairy Hair Event: $150 an hour, minimum 2 hours

     I come to you and do as much glitter as I can do on your guests in the allotted time period. 



     I use Cezanne smoothing treatments which use silk proteins and botanicals to smooth and straighten your hair. This process actually heals your hair and smooths your cuticle and can be used on all sorts of hair. Cezanne is designed to fade away so you won't have a line of new growth the way you do with a relaxer or a Brazilian blow out. It is for smoothing, healing, and straightening. It will not completely relax your curl and can help manage curls. Completely formaldehyde free.


Instant - $65 add on to a cut or color only

    Super quick smoothing treatment to reduce frizz and add manageability. Lasts 6 weeks

Express - $125

    Smoothing treatment that uses silk proteins to smooth and heal your hair. Lasts for 2 months

Classic - $250+

    Smoothing treatment using silk proteins to heal and straighten your hair. Lasts up to 5 months


Bellami Certified in Sew in wefts, K-tips, and tape in hair extensions.

30 Min Consultation - Required and Free

Install and maintenance priced hourly at $150 per hour plus hair 

Unsure what you want? Book a free consultation and we will come up with a fun option for you. 







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I just had the best experience with getting my hair colored and cut by Nyla. First let me say, from the second I sat down in her chair feeling insecure about my depression/Covid neglected hair to when I walked out the door feeling gorgeous she was the most professional, kind and lovely person to spend the day and do business with. My hair had damage and dark banding from years of box dye to cover greys and she transformed it into my natural color with pretty silver streaks so I can grow it out gracefully. She did silver fox magic! I'll definitely go back to her again and again for my needs. - Grace C

Nyla was great! It was my first time dying my hair and she was great at talking me thru everything. Super nice and she did a great job with my hair I love it! - Griff V

If you’re looking for something new or even just better than what you currently have, go see Nyla. Not only is she insanely nice but she listens to what I want! For my long hair friends, a trim really is a trim with Nyla! She also took my medium brown hair to a beautiful blonde balayage and I cannot tell you how many complements I get. Now, no one but Nyla touches my hair, she’s amazing!! - Samantha C

Nyla’s frequent care of both my emotional/mental health as well as my hair health is so lovely. Nyla’s talent and pure joy for her craft comes through with every client. Seeing her is always a treat and I have created several different fantasy hair goals without any damage to my hair! - Lauren L

“Seeing a new stylist can sometimes be a little hairy but was amazing. She was immediately in tune with my super fine yet extremely dense hair, really listened to my preferences, and created some magic. Many thanks for breathing life back into my tresses. Can't wait to start working on color!” -Shannon

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