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When the world is on fire sometimes it's the little things that get you through it. Like having good hair. Maybe you can finally try the blue hair you’ve always wanted because you’re working from home or you need a cut that will let your texture air dry better. A visit with me will make your week.


Masks are optional but if you wear one I will also be wearing one. 

Please don't be late to your appointment. Good hair takes time and being more than 15 minutes late will result in an abbreviated appointment or possibly be considered no call, no show.


If you need to cancel or reschedule I ask that you give me 24hrs notice. If you cancel with less than 24hrs notice I will charge %50 of your appointment and if you no call no show I will charge %100 of your appointment. 


On the day of your appointment come right in and I'll be out to get you. We have an array of beverages for you and a lovely sitting area.  

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