When the world is on fire sometimes it's the little things that get you through it. Like having good hair. Maybe you can finally try the blue hair you’ve always wanted because you’re working from home or you need a cut that will let your texture air dry better. A visit with me will make your week.

I will be wearing a mask during the whole service and I expect you to as well. I even have extra disposables if yours is extra cute or you want to keep it hair and color free. I disinfect my whole space after every client and I keep up with the relevant contact information. I also request that you come by yourself whenever possible. 

Please don't be late to your appointment. Good hair takes time and being more than 15 minutes late will result in an abbreviated appointment or possibly be considered no call, no show.


If you are sick call and cancel! Please don't ghost. If you do not call prior to your appointment time I will charge %50 of your booked service before you can book again


On the day of your appointment come right in and I'll be out to get you. We have an array of beverages for you and a lovely sitting area.