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Nyla McKraken



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The Style Witch

Hey, I'm Nyla and I am the stylist who will work with you to create a bespoke color and shape for your unique life, identity, and style. I believe that a perfect blonde or rich, dimensional brunette can be a fantasy in its own right, however, you may catch me talking you into adding a soft blush or a bit of glitter for your first dip into the fantasy realm.

I love working with all identities and creating the right look for you. I tend to ask a lot of questions and I love inspiration photos. While I never recreate a single photo, seeing the looks you like, and styles you don’t want is incredibly helpful. Your hair should be suited to you and while photos are very helpful you are not that model and I am not that hair stylist. We will forge our own path together. Some of my favorite services have come from someone bringing in a pair of shoes to match, wanting to be a pacific northwest mermaid, and pictures of birds. Inspiration can come from anywhere! 


Being a hairstylist is the perfect mix of art, chemistry, biology, and chatter. I love being able to move around at work and talk about all manner of things with my clients. But I am happy to also sit quietly if you would prefer, sometimes a quiet service, eavesdropping on all that is going on around us, is just what you need to relax the day away. 

I have lived in three states over my three decades and I moved to Baltimore to embark on the next adventure in the middle of the world wide pandemic that is COVID-19. I cannot wait until it is safe to fully explore Baltimore and all of the East Coast, but for now I keep myself entertained by making all manner of things. From jewelry, to clothes, to macrame, to brioche, my hands don’t sit still for long. I am completely grateful to my girlfriend, Alex, who shows me how to slow down and relax. I also love bringing my sweet dog, Kevin, in to work with me from time to time. He boasts a rainbow tail and naps constantly. 

If you are not learning you are dying, which is why I love to take classes, read books, and talk often about what is worming its way into my brain.  

Go book your appointment! I can’t wait to meet you.

xoxo, NYLA