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Tight Curly Clients

In 2023 I decided to invest in my craft and educate myself on tight curly hair. Cut It Kinky is the best advanced education I have been able to take.

If you have tight curly hair I would love to partner with you. I highly recommend following @Iamblackgirlcurls on Instagram and joining a 30 day detox challenge with them.

I will be implementing Cut It Kinky education, shampooing your hair is essential. I do not work with oils and butters. True hydration comes from water. The tight curly clients I will be taking should want to wear their natural curls in wash and gos or twist outs. I will not be working with clients who want to switch to straight hair.

Your service will include a thorough consultation, cleansing, hydration, styling, drying, and cutting. Expect to be in the salon for about 2.5 hours.

I look forward to meeting you and starting our journey together.

xoxo, NYLA

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